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Personalize and protect your dual-sided ID cards:

Securion personalize and durably protects secured badges, highly secured access control badges or fraud-proof ID cards:

  • ID cards
  • Driver's licences
  • Health card
  • Access control badges

Issue secure badges that last. Securion is fast, reliable and affordable for any user group, with prices that are comparable with any other Indian printers and a better quality deliverance than anywhere else.

To cater to expanding requirement in card security, Securion's next-generation lamination station can apply any film from the extended Evolis range, from basic varnish protection to patches with embedded hologram that raises the security.

When it comes to security and durability, Securion provides premium protection for badges.

Stunning Graphics at an affordable price point

Securion comes with the leading dual-sided color printing module in the market, to match top-quality graphics with striking performances.
Securion's technology is unique: PVC cards are laminated with no damage or distortion as a result. This solution provides an attractive cost per card.

Bring advanced encoding technologies to your cards
Securion supports advanced encoding options that can all be combined to cater to any specific requirement, including most sophisticated.

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